The Kangaroo club Ilkley

At The Kangaroo Club we aim to provide a happy, safe stimulating environment where your child can develop to his or her full potential. We believe that a child's development is enhanced by creative, educational and social play provided by kind qualified staff.

Welcome to The Kangaroo club, Ilkley

At The Kangaroo Club our qualified and experienced staff are dedicated to the development of the babies and young children in our care and the children's play experiences are based around their developmental needs.

From the age of three months, babies are given new experiences according to their individual needs. At such a young age babies learn through their senses - sound, smell, sight and touch. Physical contact, singing, talking and playing games with your child are all enjoyable but important activities. Also, encouraging physical skills for crawling, standing and walking are vital.

Enjoying early games such as peek-a-boo, clapping and finding objects will all be part of your child's daily play activities. There are also opportunities for one-to-one interaction with staff and other children. Weather permitting your child will spend a little time each day playing outside.

In our baby rooms we aim to follow your child's own routine with regards to feeding and sleeping. This helps your child to form a trusting and confident relationship with their carer.

At about 21 months your child will begin the transition into our toddler room, from here your child will start to follow our routine. Under close supervision your child will begin to experience natural materials such as water, sand and play dough. They will also start to experiment with different types of painting.

At around 2 1/2yrs your child will move into our next room where activities are slightly more structured but just as much fun!!

At about 3 1/2yrs your child will move through into our pre-school room, this is where your child will start to find out more about letters and numbers. All our learning is done in a relaxed way with the emphasis still being on playing and enjoying ourselves. Following the early years goals we aim to prepare your child for school Emotionally, Physically and Socially.

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